back to the breath


After a break, let’s remind ourselves what yoga is really about.

It’s not about making shapes, nor about doing gymnastics.

Breathing and moving, moving and breathing, feeling and sensing, all with awareness. It all starts with awareness of the breath.

Breath is the foundation of our yoga practice. We inhale and through the process of respiration oxygen gives us energy. Our exhale removes what our body no longer needs. We inhale deeply and the muscles of the chest and abdominal cavity open and expand, improving posture. We exhale and there is a contraction in the deep muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. We lengthen our breath and the chemical balance of the brain alters, the nervous system calmed.

So this week, we will focus on linking breath and movement, incorporating warming and calming Ujjayi (seal the lips and slightly constrict the back of the throat so you can feel and hear the breath moving through it). We will practice Kumbhaka (breath retention, the pause between inhale and exhale). We will bring awareness back always to the breath.

I hope you have had a great Easter. Classes start this Saturday at St Michael’s, Barnes and on Monday at East Sheen Primary.

Bring yourself back to the breath after the Easter Break.