Evolve in 2018

yoga barnes
Happy new year!  Have you made a resolution, or many?  Are you sticking it it/them?

Do you ever find this a useful exercise?  I don’t. Every year I resolve to do good things more and bad things less. I invariably disappoint myself, but isn’t that just it, resolution making is a negative expertise that just plays to our insecurities?

“I will cut out chocolate/caffeine/alcohol” = “I am unhealthy”

“I will go to the gym more often” = “I am unfit”

“I will get up earlier” = “I am lazy”

and so on, feeding that inner voice of self loathing, especially when inevitably our resolve falters….

This year, why not reframe your resolutions to be softer, kinder, more positive and ultimately more realistic. I am drawn to two Sanskrit words:

Sankalpa = an intention, determination, will.

Drishti = gaze point.

A sankalpa is softer, less goal orientated than a resolution. It is more about the journey than the destination. “I will be positive and open to what life brings this year” for example. If there is a wobble, just as in asana practice, simply acknowledge and continue, no judgment. Thus the high expectations and associated anxiety of a resolution are gone.

Drishti can refer to an inner focus or concentration. We can chose on what to concentrate our attention, with patience, watching and waiting to see what happens. For example, “this year I will channel my awareness to my health and wellbeing”.  By paying attention, in a positive way, change will come. By nurturing an area of our life we would like to change, it will begin to change.

Our practice this week will be about new beginnings, about taking time to pause, let go of the past year, and embrace 2018 with new focus.

Classes begin again on Saturday 6 January.  I would love to see you there.